How does it work?

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Simple, we bring our rooms to you!

3 portable formats are currently available 

1. Board game format. A table is needed where participants can feel comfortable


2. Requires an area where we can set up a 10' x 15'  x 10,4' (3m x 4,5m x 3.15m) canopy tent either inside or outside (if warm enough since the tent is not heated). Installation takes about an hour to complete for which we do not charge.  The tent contains 2 areas from which players will have to escape from. Up to 4 players at a time for each game. 30 or 60 minute games are available . 

3. We can also set up our game in a free room that you have that's about 10' x 15' give or take. As empty as possible as we do not want players to be confused by local furniture/objects. If you think you have a room that will do the trick, send us the dimensions along with a picture and we'll try to make it work! 

Feel free to call us at 438-680-1888 or email us at